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Water Treatment Facilities

Complete Wastewater System Upgrades

We specialize in providing electrical services for water treatment facilities. With a dedicated workforce of skilled electricians, we have the capacity to lead projects of any scale. From single-building installations to large facility upgrades, we deliver high-quality electrical work with precision and expertise.

One of our key strengths is our ability to work simultaneously in multiple buildings on large sites, ensuring efficient project execution without compromising on quality. Additionally, we excel in coordinating cutovers from existing to new systems, minimizing disruption to essential services during the transition phase.

With a proven track record of successful wastewater system upgrades as the prime contractor in and around Boston, Fischbach & Moore is a trusted partner for all water treatment facility electrical needs.

Deer Island Water Treatment Project

Expert Coordination

We specialize in coordinating complex cutovers, seamlessly transitioning your facility from old to new electrical systems without interrupting essential services.

Maynard Water Treatment Services

Uninterrupted Operations

Our emergency response team is available 24/7, providing rapid support. Our highly skilled, dedicated employees are committed to an atmosphere of professionalism and excellence.

Ready to Work Together?

Our deep-rooted knowledge of the electrical industry, coupled with our agility in adapting to the rapid changes of today’s market, firmly places us at the pinnacle of delivering superior service that exceeds expectations.