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Clean Energy

Harness the Power of Clean Energy

We are leading the charge towards a greener future through clean energy initiatives. Constructing photovoltaic systems installed as PV canopies, roof-mounted PV, and ground-mounted systems (sometimes on otherwise unusable spaces like capped landfills), we are dedicated to expanding the reach of renewable energy across Massachusetts and beyond. We support offshore wind turbine projects and contribute to the growth of green transportation, with initiatives like electric vehicle charging station installations. In our commitment to ensuring electrical grid stability, we leverage innovative battery storage technology to store renewable energy effectively.

Hingham Municipal Light Plant Solar Array

Innovative Technologies, Sustainable Practices

We are constantly exploring new technologies and sustainable practices to optimize energy production and minimize environmental impact. From advanced solar technologies to cutting-edge battery storage sites, we look to the latest innovations to create a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Town of Lexington Schools Solar Array

Customized Clean Energy Solutions for Every Need

Our team of experts develops customized clean energy solutions tailored to a project’s specific requirements and objectives. Whether it’s reducing energy costs or enhancing energy resilience, we design and implement solutions that deliver tangible environmental and financial benefits.

Ready to Work Together?

Our deep-rooted knowledge of the electrical industry, coupled with our agility in adapting to the rapid changes of today’s market, firmly places us at the pinnacle of delivering superior service that exceeds expectations.