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Maynard Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

Project Details

Revitalizing Water Treatment

The rehabilitation of the Maynard Wastewater Treatment Plant focused on comprehensive upgrades to electrical power, instrumentation, and controls to enhance efficiency and functionality throughout the entire plant.

Fischbach & Moore was responsible for a multitude of components:

  • Installation of new electrical and communication duct banks to modernize infrastructure
  • Deployment of all new electrical equipment, including Motor Control Centers (MCCs), PLCs, transformers, electrical panels, and automatic transfer switches, ensuring robust operational support
  • Implementation of new interior and exterior lighting systems to optimize visibility and safety
  • Integration of a new 500kW diesel generator to bolster backup power capabilities, safeguarding against disruptions
  • Establishment of a brand-new fiber optic network
  • Emphasis on meticulous sequencing and cutover of major equipment to maintain uninterrupted plant functionality throughout the upgrade process

This project underscores our commitment to advancing water treatment technology and dedication to delivering reliable, sustainable solutions for the community.


  • Water Treatment Facilities
Maynard Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

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