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Massachusetts Water Resource Authority

Deer Island Radio Repeater System Upgrade

Project Details

Enhancing Communication and Safety

This project modernized the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority’s (MWRA) Deer Island Treatment Plant Radio Repeater System, ensuring secure and reliable communication for MWRA employees and the Boston Fire Department.

Fischbach & Moore was responsible for replacing all of the existing Radiax cabling island-wide to facilitate two-way radio communication.

  • Replacement of RADIAX cable between Bi-Directional Antennas (BDAs) to ensure a secure and reliable communication system throughout the treatment facilities where normal communication would not typically be available
  • Enhancement of the fire alarm system with additional addressable loops for extended fire protection coverage
  • Integration of a remote access system allowing MWRA’s main communication center to monitor the status of fire detection systems across the island
  • Conducted successful witness testing with the Boston Fire Department to validate the functionality of the installed cabling system

This project showcases our ability to work with existing systems and develop solutions based on very specific needs and variables.


  • Water Treatment Facilities
Deer Island Radio Repeater System Upgrade

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