Public Works

Fischbach & Moore is the premiere public contract specialist in New England. Known as honest and effective among public agencies, we are uniquely qualified with an expansive bonding capability, to handle the most complex of public works projects.

The construction or upgrade of public work facilities is an often complex process, requiring the ability to manage and balance the needs of the various effected constituents, most importantly the client, but also the public, the subcontractors and elected officials. Public work projects demand careful management, intricate documentation and constant communication, not to mention quality workmanship in a timely and cost efficient manner. Fischbach & Moore is well equipped to tackle the complex challenges of serving as the electrical contractor for public projects.

Our significant expertise in the public market sector allows us to effectively manage and execute the largest and most complex projects from start to finish, to the satisfaction of our clients. Our project experience stretches from power plans, wastewater treatment facilities and transit to public buildings and utilities build-out and reconstruction.

Fischbach & Moore is able to differentiate ourselves though our role as prime electrical contractor, leading large projects with a mix of technical knowledge and experience, local resources and effective communication with our client. Our team is able to manage projects around the country, with expertise in all of the necessary components to ensure a project is run efficiently including project scheduling, document control, sub-contractor management, site coordination, design assistance and safety assurance.