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Barletta Heavy Division

MBTA Red Line Columbia Junction Signal Replacement

Project Details

Transforming Transportation Infrastructure

This project focused on the functional replacement of track, signals, communications, and power facilities within the MBTA Red Line, in and around Columbia Junction.

Fischbach & Moore was responsible for replacing existing wayside signals and communications systems.

  • Our crews installed over 1,500,000 feet of power and signal cable, along with 216,000 feet of fiber optic cable, enhancing communication and safety
  • Installation of 27,000 feet of concrete trough and over 60,000 feet of FRE raceway, ensuring durability and longevity of infrastructure
  • Implementation of a new cable terminal house (CTH) and four new switch instrument houses (SIHs), facilitating efficient signal management
  • Deployment of 30 new signals and TAK layouts, 21 switch machines, and 44 switch and third rail heater cases, optimizing operational efficiency
  • Completion of over 70 impedance bonds, hundreds of signal rail bonds, and multiple cab loops, enhancing system reliability

The contract duration at the onset of the project was set at just over 900 days from NTP. Most of this work took place during 37 weekend diversions. During the project, the average Fischbach & Moore labor force would swell to more than 60 skilled electricians and technicians, showcasing our commitment to efficiency and productivity.


  • Transportation & Heavy Highway
MBTA Red Line Columbia

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