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Middleborough Secondary & New Bedford Commuter Rail Expansion

Project Details

Improving Rail Lines and Systems

This project focused on improvements along the rights of way of the Middleborough Secondary & New Bedford Mainline (MS/NBML), including the installation of railroad signals and communication systems for the entire South Coast Rail Phase 1 program.

This multi-step project included a few aspects:

  1. The construction of approximately 25 miles of new trackway along the existing railroad rights of way to commuter rail standards
  2. The construction of four commuter rail passenger stations
  3. The construction of an end-of-the-line layover facility to support commuter rail service
  4. The construction of South Coast Rail (SCR) program-wide signals and communications systems

The electrical scope required approximately 55 utility service drops that needed to be coordinated with the various affected utility companies, 19 power distribution centers, 30 wayside distribution cases, and 20 generators interconnected by miles of underground conduits and cables.

Two 96-strand fiber optic cables were installed within underground innerduct interconnecting 77 signal houses and seven communication bungalows along the entirety of the 37+ miles of railroad right of way.

The signal system includes 45 turnouts, 12 crossovers, 20 signal interlockings, 50 switch machines, eight electric locks, and 16 grade crossings with cantilevers and wayside signals. The completed railway will be equipped with Positive Train Control (PTC).


  • Transportation & Heavy Highway
Middleborough Secondary & New Bedford Main Line Commuter Rail Expansion

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