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Town of Lexington Schools Solar Array

Project Details

Solar Power in Education

This project was a transformative solar initiative across seven local school sites, totaling approximately 2.6 MW of solar power generation.

Fischbach & Moore was responsible for a multitude of components:

  • Deployment of solar arrays across carports and rooftops, with 2 MW installed on carports and an additional 600 kW on rooftops
  • Implementation of “in front of the meter” solar arrays, necessitating upgrades to incoming power systems and the installation of transformer-mounted meter pedestals
  • Provision of individual data acquisition and customer metering for both carport and rooftop installations to ensure precise production monitoring between the two systems
  • Integration of four-hour, 125 kW battery storage systems at four schools, enhancing resilience during emergencies
  • Adoption of state-of-the-art optimizer/rapid shutdown systems for rooftop solar modules to maximize efficiency and safety
  • Installation of surface-mounted LED lighting on all carports, promoting enhanced nighttime safety for school communities

The Lexington Schools Solar Array project underscores our commitment to advancing clean energy solutions and fostering sustainable practices within educational institutions.


  • Clean Energy
Town of Lexington Schools Solar Array

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