The Company

Fischbach & Moore has a history of being one of the most accomplished heavy construction commercial and industrial electrical contractors in the country.

We earned this reputation through quality craftsmanship, hard work and integrity and the successful completion of some of the world’s most challenging electrical public works projects. Fischbach & Moore is committed to exceptional client service. With strong leadership and a talented workforce, we have the ability to adapt in a constantly evolving marketplace and in response to our customers’ needs.


Founded in 1918, by Romanian immigrant Harry Fischbach, Fischbach & Moore has a rich history as one of the country’s first electrical public works contractors. The standards of excellence for the company were established early, with significant emphasis on hard work, quality craftsmanship, teamwork and a determination to execute on some of the world’s largest and most challenging electrical public work projects. Unafraid of challenges, the company continuously took on high profile and complicated electrical projects, where there was no room for error. Their ambition, grit and ability soon led them to the top of the electrical marketplace.

In 2005, Fischbach & Moore was acquired by the owners of the preeminent electrical and telecommunication contracting company, Sullivan & McLaughlin. With a commitment to the Fischbach & Moore brand, the new owners recognized its excellent reputation in public sector electrical contracting and the company’s experience in utilities and in the emerging alternative energy industry. Under the new leadership, Fischbach & Moore has been successful in continuing to grow in these industries. With a renewed emphasis on local work, team members are proud of the company’s history of success and the principles set by the immigrant founders continue to drive the achievement of the company in today’s evolving marketplace.