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John McLaughlin


John serves as the President of SullyMac, the versatile Boston-based New England electrical and telecommunications company.

As one of SullyMac’s owners, John worked with his business partners to acquire Fischbach & Moore in 2005. Since then, Fischbach & Moore has thrived as a stand-alone company, benefitting from the expertise and close relationships with SullyMac.

For John and his business partners, the Fischbach & Moore acquisition represented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an electrical contracting company with an exceptional public market capability and reputation. The acquisition provided an opportunity to gain immediate market share through ongoing contracts with the Central Artery (the Big Dig). On a broader and equally exciting scale, the new ownership also envisioned a promising opportunity to reimagine the Fischbach & Moore future beyond the Big Dig.

From the outset, John’s primary role has been to lead discussions in developing a new business plan and, most importantly, help identify and develop new leadership. This leadership is now fully empowered and responsible for operating the business, building the culture, and ensuring Fischbach & Moore’s continued growth and success.

John McLaughlin