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Wellesley College Central Utility Plant

Project Details

Empowering Infrastructure

Collaborating with Ameresco in enhancing the Wellesley College Central Utility Plant.

Fischbach & Moore was responsible for a multitude of infrastructure services:

  • Installation of lighting fixtures and controls to illuminate the facility effectively
  • Integration of fire alarm devices and wiring to ensure safety
  • Provision of HVAC power wiring
  • Reconnection to cooling tower basin heaters
  • Installation of heat trace power wiring
  • Installation of variable frequency drives for energy-efficient control of equipment
  • Implementation of a robust grounding system to safeguard against electrical hazards
  • Establishment of a cable tray system for organized cable management
  • Deployment of AC panelboards, transformers, raceways, and cables to distribute power effectively
  • Installation and testing of MV raceways, cables, terminations, splices, and switchgear
  • Installation of a low-voltage substation to regulate power distribution
  • Deployment of DC power panels, feeders, chargers, racks, and batteries for backup power supply
  • Installation of generator power wiring, accessories, neutral grounding resistors, and control panels
  • Integration of relaying wiring and stackable beacons for effective system monitoring and signaling

This project showcases our commitment to strong partnerships.


  • Utilities & Infrastructure
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