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Vineyard Wind On-Shore Substation and Duct Bank

Project Details

A Significant Leap Toward Sustainable Energy Generation

Vineyard Wind is the nation’s first utility-scale offshore wind energy project located off the coast of Massachusetts. With an impressive capacity of 8,000 MW, this groundbreaking project is set to supply clean, renewable energy to over 400,000 homes and businesses across the Commonwealth, reducing carbon emissions by over 1.6 million tons annually.

Fischbach & Moore was responsible for a multitude of components:

  • Constructed a 220 KV duct bank spanning from Covell’s Beach to the 220/115 KV export substation at Independence Road and Attucks Lane in Hyannis
  • Installed approximately five miles of 12-way high voltage duct bank, and five miles of single-way fiber optic raceway, complemented by 20 splice chambers and fiber optic manholes
  • Erected a two-circuit 220 KV to 115 KV export substation across approximately five acres near Eversource Station 958
  • Installed key electrical components, including two 450 MVA 220/115 KV transformers, 11 3,000-amp dead tank circuit breakers, two 50 MVAR filters, and a 60 MVAR air-cooled reactor on the 115 KV side
  • Implemented five 2,000-amp dead tank circuit breakers, 10 2,000-amp disconnects, and two 90 MVAR shunt reactors on the 220 KV side
  • Ensured substation conductivity with 3,000 feet of 4- and 5-inch welded aluminum bust bars supported on 160 steel structures
  • Enhanced grid stability with dual 175 MVAR synchronous condensers, providing short circuit power, inertia, and reactive power compensation, connected via welded 3,000-amp isolated phase bus duct
  • Deployed substation grounding and lightning protection measures, encompassing 10 miles of buried bare 4/0 copper cables interconnected by 3,000 exothermic welds and 26 65-foot lightning masts

With its innovative solutions, Fischbach & Moore has played a pivotal role in advancing the Vineyard Wind project, contributing to a sustainable energy future for generations to come.


  • Substation Construction
Vineyard Wind On-Shore Substation and Duct Bank

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